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Vice President

Alysa Naranjo

Classification: Junior 
Contact Concerning: Scholarships, President's Volunteer Service Award, Faculty-Student events, volunteer points and events, Brown Bag socials 
Family: Lunesta
Committee: in charge of Volunteer Chairs


Chynna Gray

Classification: Senior 

Contact Concerning: general meetings, officer meetings, officer elections, College of Pharmacy visits, general LPPA questions

Family: Xarelto

Committee: in charge of Outreach Chair


Madison Tran

Classification: Junior

Contact Concerning: website, professional development points, points in general, General Meeting attendance, agendas, make-up meetings, social media

Family: Ultram

Committee: in charge of Publicity Chair


Bhavana Dokka

Classification: Junior

Contact Concerning: membership dues, fundraising points and events, food during general meetings

Family: Lyrica

Committee: in charge of Fundraising Chairs


Dominique Bai

Classification: P3

Contact Concerning: pharmacy school applications, mock interviews, UT College of Pharmacy Affairs


Kimberly Cuellar

Classification: Junior 

Contact Concerning: social points and events, pictures, scrapbook, banquet, general meeting presentations

Family: Adderall

Committee: in charge of Social Chair

Marble Surface

Justin Samuel, Ph.D.

Assistant Dean for Student Success, LPPA Faculty Advisor