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Our Mission

Established in 1978, LPPA has long been encouraging individuals and supporting them on their aspirations in pharmacy. LPPA strives to be an organization that promotes pharmacy and gives its members opportunities to learn more about the profession through workshops and guest speakers from various pharmacy schools in Texas and pharmacists from different backgrounds. We support and actively participate in projects related to the career in pharmacy. Furthermore, we keep our members informed about advancements in the pharmaceutical world with the hope to instill a deep and lasting pride and understanding of the profession and to promote closer relationships between pharmacists and other public health workers. We care about each one of or members' success, and we want to do our best to help establish them as well-rounded individuals.

About Us

What LPPA Has in Store for You

There are 6 general meetings each semester during which a guest speaker from a pharmacy school in Texas, pharmacy students from the UT College of Pharmacy, or invited pharmacists ranging from clinical or community settings come to share their knowledge. Meetings are not mandatory, but they are highly recommended for they give insight into applying to pharmacy school and keeping members up-to-date on LPPA news.



As a part of LPPA's mission to help members learn more about the world of pharmacy, we host a variety of workshops to give members more of an in-depth look on the PCAT, PharmCAS, dual degree programs, different types of pharmacists, and more.


LPPA members have the unique opportunity to participate in events with pharmacy students attending the UT College of Pharmacy such as volunteering at the ASHP Patient Counseling Competition or going on tours of independent pharmacies in Austin with organizations within UT COP.


LPPA believes in the importance of volunteering time in order to give a helping hand to our community in Austin. Members have volunteered at runs, animal shelters, ExploreUT, and more. 


Throughout the year, there are a variety of social events for LPPA members to have fun and interact with other people in their "pharmily". From game night socials featuring Pharmacy Jeopardy to Waffle Cone Wednesday at TCBY, there is so much LPPA has to offer.


Twice a year, LPPA hosts a luncheon featuring professors of UT and UT College of Pharmacy in which students are able to enjoy a nice lunch and converse with faculty members. 


Fundraising is an important part of our organization. From selling baked goods to merchandise, we always appreciate a helping hand! 

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