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Our Mission

Since its founding in 1978, LPPA has been dedicated to equipping UT Austin students with the necessary knowledge, skills, and experiences to pursue their aspirations of entering the pharmacy field. We actively invite guest speakers from pharmacy schools across Texas as well as host workshops so members can better understand the expectations of competitive pharmacy school candidates. One of LPPA’s primary aims is to enlighten members about the rapidly evolving pharmaceutical industry to instill a life-long passion for the profession. It is our priority to encourage and support members to establish themselves as successful, well-rounded pharmacists within a supportive community. Hook ‘em!

What LPPA has in store for you


We host 6 General Meetings each semester during which guest speakers from the UT College of Pharmacy, other Texas pharmacy schools, or invited pharmacists from a variety of clinical or community settings share their insight into the pharmacy profession.


It is part of our mission to facilitate our members’ passion for pharmacy. LPPA hosts several professional development workshops throughout the year to promote an in-depth understanding of the PharmCAS application process, pharmacy school prerequisites, different types of pharmacists, and more! We also host preparatory events such as mock interviews and resume reviews.


Our commitment to excellence extends beyond the classroom. LPPA strives to serve our community by connecting members to service opportunities. Members have volunteered at animal shelters, community clean-ups, food drives, races, science fairs, and more. 



Every semester, LPPA hosts a luncheon featuring UT College of Pharmacy deans, admissions officers, professors, students, and alumni. This offers a unique opportunity for students to dine with faculty members and share meaningful conversations about academics, professional development, and personal interests.  


LPPA provides members with the opportunity to create lifelong connections with like-minded peers. Throughout the year, we host several Pharmily socials featuring game nights, Pharmacy Jeopardy, trips to our favorite food trucks, and much more!


Fundraising helps our organization maintain the highest quality of events. In addition to investing in professional development resources, fundraising allows us to offer scholarships at the end of each year. From selling merchandise to tasty snacks, we appreciate any and all support!

Interested in joining LPPA?

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