Welcome to LPPA

We are the largest pre-pharmacy organization on campus

Established in 1978, LPPA has long been encouraging individuals and supporting them on their aspirations in pharmacy. LPPA strives to be an organization that promotes pharmacy and gives its members opportunities to learn more about the profession through workshops and guest speakers from various pharmacy schools in Texas and pharmacists from different backgrounds. We support and actively participate in projects related to the career in pharmacy. Furthermore, we keep our members informed about advancements in the pharmaceutical world with the hope to instill a deep and lasting pride and understanding of the profession and to promote closer relationships between pharmacists and other public health workers. We care about each one of or members' success, and we want to do our best to help establish them as well-rounded individuals.

More About LPPA

Family: We build tight-knit communities within LPPA through our 'pharmily' system where members are place in Xarelto, Lunesta, Ultram, Lyrica, or Adderall.

Professional Development: LPPA strives to help our members learn more about the field of pharmacy through workshops and presentations from guest speakers.

Volunteering: Volunteer events are an integral part of LPPA because we care about giving back to our community. Whether it's ExploreUT or helping out at a run, there is something fun for everyone.

Alternative Medicine

General Meetings

 Spring 2021

**All general meetings for Spring 2021 are held over Zoom from 5-6 PM every other Tuesdays

GM's are not mandatory, however they include a guest speaker from various colleges who provide insight into different pharmacy programs in Texas

GM #1: 02/02

GM #2: 03/02

GM #3: 03/09

GM #4: 03/23

GM #5: 04/06

GM #6: 04/27

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