Frequently Asked Questions

What are the different membership statuses?

We have three membership statuses in LPPA that you may achieve each semester. Active membership, honorable membership, and distinguished membership. The membership is determined by how many events you go to point, points you earn, and how many general meetings you attend. This allows members to be distinguished by how active they are in the organization.

What are general meetings?

General meetings or GMs are the biweekly meetings which take place with all members of LPPA. GMs allow the officers to go over important dates and events for the next two weeks. At our GMs, LPPA hosts guest speakers from different pharmacy schools or different fields of pharmacy to talk about their program/career.

What are events/points?

LPPA offers interactive opportunities for their members by hosting professional development, social, fundraising, miscellaneous, and volunteering events. The amount of events you go to determines your membership status at the end of the semester. Going to events, GMs, and wearing your LPPA shirt can earn you points, which determine active status membership and can be used to compete with other pharmilies. You can track your points using the "Current Semester Points Sheet" under "Members".

What if I accidentally miss a GM or event?

There will be plenty of make-up meeting opportunities for you to attend in the semester if you miss a GM. If you miss an event that you signed up for, depending on the event you may get points deducted but don't worry. There are plenty of events and opportunities for you earn more events/points. You can sign up for events under "Sign Ups" and if you have any questions or concerns, you can contact the secretary or the officer in charge of that event.